Tomasz Piotrowski 

Tomasz studied joinery and has years of experience making timber products, renovating buildings and designing and constructing interiors. He talks with clients to find out what they love – colours, textures, shapes, and uses their ideas and opinions as inspiration for his work. He is also skilled and practiced in electrics and plumbing which means he is able to take these into consideration when planning and executing whole projects himself. Having the opportunity to work with clients on new interiors from scratch is what he excels at; and which he especially enjoys if it involves curves! Aware that things may change as the work progresses, he doesn’t make drawings but conceptualizes projects from the start and allows them to ‘live’ as they go along in discussion with clients. Like any artist, he knows his materials; how they are going to work together and comes up with original ideas specifically for clients which they may not have the experience to consider themselves, and may not be sure about at first until they see what they look like. His intelligent and perceptive approach allows him to create something special specifically for a client, not just something ‘nice’ that anyone would like. For him it has to be perfect and the pride he takes in his work will not allow him to make anything less.

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