Winner of 'Alice Eight Years Old' print announced!

Artist Alice Mania held a raffle of a life-size, limited edition (1 of 2) print of her artwork 'Alice Eight Years' old during her exhibition at LT Gallery. All proceeds went to Secret World Wildlife Rescue, where Alice and I went for them to pull out the winning ticket yesterday. We were met by Jeremy Duxbury (Corporate and Community Fundraiser) and the draw was done by Paulina. Congratulations go to Georgia Barnett from Bristol!!...who said she had never won in a raffle before and was really delighted!

Jeremy showed us around Secret World and it was wonderful to see the work they do to rescue, rehabilitate and return animals back to the wild. These photos only show a small part of it. Some animals continue to live and be cared for at Secret World - they help with the education programs and events. They include those in the photos: Polly the deer (who thinks she's a human) and her friend Emu in the background, and an owl couple (I think Eurasian Eagle owls); also a snake, badgers, foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs etc...

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