Panayiotis Marlagoutsos 

Panayiotis Marlagoutsos was born in Argos, Greece in 1977

He recently moved to the UK and lives in Wiltshire


He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and is a member of the Hellenic Chamber of Fine Arts


He has participated in seven group exhibitions and has also had five solo exhibitions including:


2016  Summer Exhibition, Malmesbury, UK

2015  Agi Berlin, Germany

2015  Kunstsalon Villa Artista, Hanover, Germany

2013  Corfu Gallery, Greece

2011  Corfu Gallery, Greece

2008  Municipal Gallery of Corfu, Greece

2006  Grecotal Corfu Imperial, Greece

I can remember myself with a pencil drawing on a piece of paper at a very early age. I love it because it is my ‘antidepressant’. You can tell tales of the most tragic or the most beautiful images using very modest commodities.


Contrary to common belief, the painter doesn’t know exactly what he sets out to do, nor does he know how to do it. He simply hopes that he can react correctly to the dilemmas that the art brings about. The anticipation of the correct reaction gives birth to passion for painting.


That’s what painting is to me- the pleasure and the acknowledgement that you are in fact just a child; a continuous pursuit and a harsh resistance to obligatory adulthood. It is the possibility to preserve one additional nature; that of being an adult but retaining the right to enjoy life, even when life is not so pleasurable, simply by ‘opening windows…’


- Panayiotis Marlagoutsos