Mari Em 

Mari Em uses surrealist-inspired visions of the human body to express an emotional self-portrait; one that is heavily influenced by psychologically traumatic events from her past. These experiences are transformed through what she considers to be therapeutic and cathartic processes into an emotionally raw, visually distressed and highly personal visual language.

Her sculptures appear burnt and corrupted, conveying violence and menace, but also show sadness, vulnerability and the presence of living death. By using her hands and without the use of tools, Mari Em can seamlessly transfer energy and emotion into her sculptures which she feels have a psychological truth and which reveal the unconscious. The work is not about the objects themselves as bodies, but the feelings which their presence evoke. She quotes Friedrich Nietzsche, “I am a forest, and a night of dark trees…but he who is not afraid of my darkness will find banks full of roses under my cypresses”.



University College Weston/Bath Spa 


Solo Exhibition 

03/2017- "Darkest Hour" Solo Art Exhibition at Centre Space Gallery/Bristol 



Group Exhibitions 

08/2017 – " Stimulus" Art Number 23/London 


06/2017- " Icon of Tomorrow" Creative Arts Summer Show 


03/2017- "Individuals" 44 AD Gallery Art/Bath 


02/2017- "Individuals" Loves Caffe Exhibition/3th Year Weston Students  


07/2016- "Fantasy" work displayed at Frame Station Art Studio/Weston Super Mare 


03/2016- Centre Space Gallery/Bristol 


2015- The Old Town Quarry 





02/2015- Apex Park Sculpture Installation/ Group Commission/Highbridge  


04/2015- Prince's Square mural painting installation/ Weston-Super-Mare