Elsbeth Buff

Elsbeth was a Swiss citizen until the late 80's when she managed to become a member of the United Kingdom. This was rather a lengthy process due to her spending fifteen years in business in Jersey in the Channel Isles. The citizenship was not granted until the 80's, therefore she was treated as an alien all those years. She came to England in 1947 on a permit for a year but due to her involvement with an English family, with whom she became friends, she is still living here now at Cuckoo Paddock, Nempnett Thrubwell, where she is happy painting on her balcony. Pictures of times and places remembered. Some of her paintings were bought during a local Art Weekend.

About ten paintings went with her nephew to Basel where they were exhibited and sold two years ago.

For many years she has been a Friend of Bristol Art Gallery, and has been to many exhibitions in London, which helped keep her mind active to what is happening in the art world. Also she has felt keen to  visit local gallery exhibitions and this has given her the inspiration to paint whenever time permits.