Aleksander Nocny

Aleksander was born in the Ukraine in 1985. When he was six his family moved to Poland where he finished his education and started working as a graphic designer / illustrator. He drew pictures for local news portals and newspapers; digital drawings with caricatures of the political situation in his region and his country.

When he was a child he played with Plasteline and clay and made lots of wooden sculptures, models, pyrography and miniatures. It was through model-making that he taught himself to paint - he needed to know how to make shadows and highlights on them; he practiced on paper first and realised that he enjoyed painting on a flat surface as well as on his models. So, he started painting murals, canvases and moved on to digital paintings.

He returned to sculpture five years ago, trying to improve his skills in every medium possible - paper, wood, foam, clay etc. During a year in Norway, he was inspired to work with wood and also by the ubiquitous trolls which he absolutely loves!


Spirit of the Forest
Whales in the Sky
Space Music
Red Riding Hood
Dream Catcher
Holy Trinity
Coffee painting

Over the past three years since moving to the UK, he has been building his art portfolio: painting murals, doing digital art for fun, sculpting toys, figures, building mixed media artworks and exhibiting them in galleries.


"I didn't finish art school. I've never been to art classes. Everything I do and know is just my experience and long hours of pain and creation."

Artworks Aleks created from selected images using computer sofware

End of Journey